World's First

Shared private driver service

Rideshare Drivers Earn More. You Pay Less.

Helping App Drivers Earn More

We will not be quiet and watch app companies like U*** steal a 30% commission from drivers, while people has to pay higher prices than taxis during peak hours.

Take Me Partner Private Drivers earn more money consistently and pay 0% commission. Forever.

Unlimited Access For You

With the Take Me app you will be able to share a Professional Private driver with others and enjoy the full benefits of not having to pay for each ride ever again.

Pay only a small portion of your private driver’s salary.

You will soon be able to have a Professional Private Driver for a small fraction of what your U*** rides cost you every month.

Take Me has been inspired by the selfless thinking of Nikola Tesla of not caring about his own wealth, but instead caring about his contributions to society.

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