Take Me offers a more affordable, reliable, convenient and safer option to driven your own vehicle.


NZD59per week*
  • Unlimited rides*
  • Shared with 78 others
  • no extra guests allowed


NZD99per week*
  • Unlimited rides*
  • Shared with 40 others
  • no extra guests allowed


NZD189per week*
  • Unlimited rides*
  • Shared with 17 others
  • 1 guest allowed


NZD399per week*
  • Unlimited rides*
  • Shared with 8 others
  • 1 guest allowed

*Prices displayed above include GST and are based on a monthly billing cycle *Fair use policy applies

Please note, we cannot guarantee subscriptions to everyone!

In case if you miss the initial 80 spots in your relevant city your account will be activated once we hire new drivers.

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“Vehicle ownership is officially a thing of the past.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Our system has been created and designed around being 100% efficient. In short, that translates in drivers being always busy and to a very lost cost to our subscribers.

In the case scenario where the company has 2 drivers and if all 80 basic subscriptions are sold the new subscribers won’t have their accounts activated until a new driver is assigned to join the fleet. In addition to that, all current subscribers will have access to how many drivers the company has available in each city.

We have created and designed a system that continuously monitors and forecast the demand in each city ensuring that we have enough data to know when to add extra drivers to help to sustain the demand during peak hours.

No, booking for anyone else apart of yourself will lead to having your account temporarily suspended or fully deactivated.

Yes, after you choose your subscription within the app you will be able to choose your billing cycle next which will be either per week or per month.

We like to keep our users up to date to what’s happening at Take Me and so we have created a public channel on Telegram that you can join anytime!

Due to the shortage of drivers in some cities like Queenstown, we can’t guarantee a subscription to everyone so hence why is better for you to reserve yours now.
For remaining cities as we are a startup, we may have only a few drivers at stage 1 so only those who reserve a subscription will be able to enjoy access to our service as soon as we launch which is forecasted to be before 01.06.19.

In order to ensure the highest possible standards in the industry we currently work with employee drivers only.

Please keep an eye on our website to know where we have job vacancies open for new drivers.

No, you are only required to have a P endorsement as well as at least 2 years of relevant work experience.

No, you can only book for yourself, unless you have subscribed to either our silver or gold subscriptions that allows you to bring one extra guest.

Our FAQ is still under development