Fair Use Policy

Take Me Subscription Services

Please ensure you have read and understood our Fair Use Policy, which forms part of the Terms and Conditions.

(a) All of the Services are subject to the Fair Use Policy.

(b) Your use of the Services must be fair, reasonable and not excessive, as reasonably determined by us by reference to average and/or estimated typical customer usage of the Services. We will consider your usage to be excessive and unreasonable where it materially exceeds the average and/or estimated use patterns over any day, week or month (or any other period of time as determined by us) (Excessive Usage).

(c) Where we offer any included Services under a Plan or other Service, such use is offered for your individual private and personal use and benefit only. In no case does any Service allow for activities aimed at making a profit or reselling the Service or using the Service in an unfair or excessive way and any such use of the Services by you is a breach of this Agreement.

(d) For the avoidance of doubt, fair use of our Services excludes activities such as parcel delivery, food delivery or any other business related activities that use our services for commercial gain.

(e) If in our reasonable opinion we consider your usage to be unfair, unreasonable and/or Excessive Usage we may immediately suspend, modify or restrict your use of the Services or withdraw in full or in part your access to the Services without notice to you.